Western Comedy Films That Make Laughter Won’t Stop

Laugh before laughing is banned, these words are among the popular humor slogans of the legendary comedy group Warkop. Because of its popularity, it seems that the sentence is almost always the introductory sentence of a paragraph that talks about laughter. But it is still a good idea for you to take even time to laugh because sometimes it is not possible yet to laugh is prohibited. Laughing is also good for your health.

So you can laugh, yeah, at least smile, there are comedy films that are OK. The comedy is arguably clever because what we carry is ironic things that are happening near us. If the problem can be laughed out loud or not anyway, well depending on your taste in-jokes too, but suggestions for these films, please try. These films are also featured in the waiting room of Casino Building, usually to entertain visitor who still in the queue to play casino or poker or put their bet in sports book sbobet terpercaya, the hotel management play comedy film to ease the anger.



Do you think the news anchor on television, who talks about sports, weather forecasts, the latest news, etc., has no competition? Very wrong. News agencies or the media are very competitive you know, even including sadists.

At Anchorman, you will see how the rating is one of the urgent things that can trigger news agencies to declare war to each other. Of course, the battle at Anchorman was created not serious, so it was the most entertaining. Oh yeah, not even a little cameo, you know.

The Grand Budapest Hotel


One of the best works of director Wes Anderson. The Grand Budapest Hotel is not a comedy, but a drama. It’s just that in its presentation, the Grand Budapest Hotel is presented with a light technique, so it feels like a comedy. In the film, quite a few social issues were discussed. Starting from the war situation and how people struggle under.

Tropic Thunder


There is nothing more stressful than a director who has artists who can’t play roles and are not a little bit acting up. For the sake of finding a good film at the same time disciplining the artist, a war film director takes his players to the forest without a supporting cast and so on.

You will see Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. in this film, totally acting not in their usual role. There is also a scene where all the actors play online poker games together. Poker game is such a very popular to be played during shooting break, it’s fame risen since facebook poker games developed by many international developers.

Shaun of The Dead

Early 2000 were the years of the zombie film boom. Resident Evil, House of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, call the films. So much. Shaun of the Dead is a parody of the movie. Taking from a different perspective, Shaun of the Dead indicates how absurd these films would be if they were seriously ignored. The side of the gore is terrible, but in Shaun of the Dead, the gore is excited.

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