Tweets on Twitter Can Help Improve TV Show Ratings

Media rating company Nielsen found that user activities that pass through Twitter on Twitter microblogging can add television ratings. Nielson discovered it after analyzing 221 prime-time television programs.

Nielsen said the surge in the number of tweets containing comments on television shows helped create the event’s rating increased by 29 percent. This research has a more significant effect on certain TV show genres. From the results of the monitoring, 44 percent of Twitter users commented on reality shows, followed by 37 percent of comedy shows. Meanwhile, sports and drama, each have a portion of 28 and 18 percent.

“By using time series analysis, we witness a significant relationship of influence. Statistically, a surge in TV ratings can increase the volume of tweets, and vice versa, a surge in tweets can add tune-ins (people watch TV), “said Paul Donato, head of the Nielsen research office.

Reporting from Bloomberg, this study is the first time for Nielsen in compiling a direct relationship between Twitter activities and TV usage. This has the potential to help the unique social network of dollar coffers from advertisements. Because the TV station or program makers will be in droves asking Twitter so that the program is promoted in the user timeline. Moreover, Twitter is chasing its 2014 revenue target to the US $ 1 billion.

The CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo is indeed expanding his social networking services by targeting users to talk about whatever television programs they watch. So that the marketing units at the TV station and advertisers can simultaneously achieve how much the program rating goes through Twitter users.

Twitter has also partnered with TV program makers, like Walt Disney ESPN, Viacom MTV, Nickelodeon, Time Warner, TNT, TBS, and CNN. The collaboration enables partners to promote event streaming videos on the Twitter timeline page. The Twitter tactic is quite the opposite of that of its closest rival, Facebook. They offered their clients by installing a 15-second-long TV-style video on the Facebook page. From rumors circulating, Facebook TV advertisers must pay up to the US $ 2.5 million per day.

Nielsen also offered TV rating services through its unit, AGB Nielson Media Research. In Indonesia alone, 10 top TV stations use Nielson services to obtain rating data. During this time, the rating of TV shows carried out by Nielson was using a set-top-box device, People Meter. The plot was then distributed to more than 2,000 household speakers of TV owners in a city. The device will then deliver data to the Nielsen server, about what TV shows the correspondent witnessed.

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