These are 5 TV Hosts with the Highest Payments in the World

Judy Sheindlin was named the highest-paid television host in the world by Forbes. This woman, better known as Judge Judy, has the power not only in her courtroom but also on all television.

By pocketing the US $ 147 million before tax last year, Sheindlin is the highest-paid television host, outperforming other top hosts in the world.

“Many people work as I did at the beginning, stuck with activities they don’t like. If we don’t do something we like, find something we like. Because that will make our whole lives different, “Sheindlin said at the 2017 Forbes Women’s Summit.

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By checking nine numbers, it’s not surprising that he likes his job. Becoming a sharp daytime Judge, and picking up the top position thanks to his skill in creating an agreement.

The following year he marketed his rights to 5,200 episodes of Judge Judy to CBS with a nominal value of US $ 100 million. With the extra US $ 47 million he got from bringing Judge Judy and producing Hot Bench, Sheindlin’s income was three times the annual salary. Even Sheindlin was appointed as the 48th richest woman in the United States (US), with a net worth of US $ 400 million.

The World’s Most Expensive TV Hosts

Like Sheindlin, a speaker who worked during the day, then later that night he worked as a cable TV host, like Rachel Maddow and Tucker Carlson did not get media attention. Not only that, but they also have the most fans, to the point that they are not surprised to receive a hefty fee.

Judge Judy is consistently able to gather more than 10 million viewers in the 23rd season of each meeting. Meanwhile, Phil McGraw as the host of “Dr. Phil” garnered nearly 4 million viewers. For comparison, Sean Hannity from Fox News only witnessed an average of 3.3 million viewers.

While MSNBC Maddow averages 2.9 million viewers, to create more profitable things, daily shows want to attract women aged 18-49 years. Because not a few advertisers drain most of their money for this group.

Thanks to this high ranking, stars can negotiate profitable deals with their network or home.

In contrast to Judy, who emphasized her intellectual property rights, Ellen DeGeneres and McGraw instead earned more than half of the show’s profits from advertisements. They also get profits from product placement and pay as host.

No wonder if the highest Paid TV Talk Show event does not vary from year to year. Because it takes a long time to build a loyal and big audience, Ryan Seacrest, who hosted Host with Kelly and Ryan, experienced an escalation of income from US $ 58 million to US $ 74 million. This is because he performed American Idol, which was revived. DeGeneres’ revenue also rose thanks to a check of US $ 20 million from Netflix for a special stand-up.

Here are the 5 highest-paid TV hosts in the world in full:

  • Judy Sheindlin (US $ 147 Million, host: Judge Judy)
  • Ellen DeGeneres (US $ 87.5 Million, host: The Ellen DeGeneres Show) US $ 87.5 Million
  • Phil McGraw (US $ 77.5 Million, host: Dr. Phil)
  • Ryan Seacrest (US $ 74 Million, host: American Idol, Live With Kelly and Ryan)
  • Steve Harvey (US $ 44 Million, host of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Steve Harvey – Family Feud)

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