Multimedia Streaming Server How it Works and Strengths

Maybe you’ve heard of streaming multimedia services. This service is a technology that can send digital video files and audio in real time on your computer network.

Streaming itself is a technology that is useful for playing video or audio files directly or primary recorders from server machines. In this matter is a web server.

This is equivalent to video or audio files contained on the server. Can be directly executed in periods after a request from the user. Thus, the process of running software that is downloaded in the form of extended periods can be avoided without the need to do the storage process first.

When the video or audio is in the stream, it forms buffering on the client computer. And even the audio video data will be downloaded into the buffer that has been formed on the client machine. Only with a split second period, the buffer is loaded and automatically the system can run the video audio files.

The system can read information from the buffer and still work on the download process so that the streaming process can take place.

Understanding Multimedia Streaming Server

While the definition of the multimedia streaming server itself is a web server or software that has been installed on the server. The following server is used to run audio or video files in real time or stream on the internet.

The working step of this system is that the client delivers streaming audio or video requests to the web server element. Next, the web server will forward the client request on the streaming server.

The streaming server then processes client requests and transmits video or video files that have been requested to clients directly without passing the web server again. That way, the client can run video or audio files that have been asked.

There are a variety of websites that provide audio or video streaming services with streaming servers to run their services like sites that use streaming servers, including Youtube, Megavideo, and Metacafe.

Benefits of Using Streaming Server

When you use a multimedia streaming server, users who are watching videos can jump to specific times in the video. Without having to wait for buffering videos thoroughly. There will be no data saved in the user’s computer, so the security of the user files will be more secure.

This streaming will require less bandwidth compared to downloading. Usually, this matter is caused by the user not having to download the video as a whole. The process of streaming to not a few clients can also be done through a one-way streaming path.

There are many kinds, for example, streaming server software, not just DSS. But there are also Darwin Streaming Servers (DSS), VideoLAN Clients (VLC), Adobe Flash Streaming ServerIcecast, SHOUTcast, PlayOn, and so on. With so many of these streaming server applications, you can choose which one suits your needs.

For those of you who want to install this streaming server, you can download multimedia streaming server software now too.

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