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5 Netflix Korean Drama You Should Watch!

For some time now, the world was in an uproar by the presence of the C-Virus pandemic. Because many fatalities have fallen, you who are still healthy are asked to do an independent quarantine in their homes. Of course, fatigue will whack for those who are confused about wanting to do certain activities at home.

If you are a Korean drama connoisseur, you can certainly watch various Netflix Korean drama series available online. The titles below mostly get high ratings in Korea.

List of the Latest and Most Favorite Korean Dramas on Netflix

For those of you who feel like you’re lying down while watching Netflix, there is the Korean drama series Netflix that will make you addicted badly. Finish it all and be a witness to the excitement of the story.

1. Itaewon Class (2020)

Itaewon Class Review

Showtimes: 31 January 2020

Itaewon Class may not be a foreign Korean drama title for you, even for people who are unfamiliar with Korean pop culture. This drama tells the story of an ex-convict who just breathed in the fresh air and built a bar-restaurant to reach his own success.

This Korean drama series offers moral values ​​about life that are very valuable to the audience. Also supported by an impressive array of casts and technicals, Itaewon Class has become one of the best and most recommended Korean dramas at the moment.

Because in this Korean drama, they are referring to some daily life where all the actors playing online games to loosen the situation so it’s not too stiff for a Korean drama.

2. Crash Landing on You (2019)

Crash Landing on You Review

Showtimes: 14 December 2019

Besides Itaewon Class, you are certainly familiar with the title of the Korean drama Netflix, which is Crash Landing on You. How not, the spice of romance that is combined with the politics of this hostile country makes it liked by Korean drama lovers.

Crash Landing on You himself tells the story of a woman heir to the throne of Chaebol in South Korea named Se Ri. He fell in the territory of North Korea and was rescued by Captain Ri, who worked in the North Korean Special Forces.

Over time, love began to grow in the hearts of both of them despite struggling with the political interests of each country. For this reason, the series starring Hyun Bin has become a recommended Korean drama even in 2020.

3. Because It’s My First Love (2019)

My First First Love Review

Showtimes: April 18, 2019 (Season 1), July 26, 2019 (Season 2)

Romance drama and coming of age are some of the genres that are widely watched on Netflix. This is what a story used when his series titled Because It’s My First Love began airing. This series, which is a reboot of My First Time, tells the story of five teenagers and various interesting events in their lives.

With a duration ranging from 42-56 minutes, the Netflix drama, which has an alternative title, My First First Love, is light to follow. Inevitably this romantic Korean comedy-drama was updated for season 2, which aired on Netflix three months ago.

4. Kingdom (2019)

Kingdom Review

Showtimes: January 25, 2019 (Season 1), March 13, 2020 (Season 2)

AStory became the first PH to produce the first original Korean drama Netflix titled Kingdom. This Drakor tells the story of the crown prince who returned to the castle and found that he was trapped by political conflict.

Not only that, but this prince also had to deal with zombies who threatened his safety and the inhabitants of the kingdom. With elements of horror-thriller wrapped in the politics of his kingdom, it’s no wonder that this Kingdom is liked by many people, especially lovers of horror series.

Because of the success of season 1, this Kingdom has season 2, which will be aired on March 2020. Immediately watch this Kingdom to feel the horror.

5. Memories of the Alhambra (2018)

Memories of the Alhambra Review

Showtimes: 1 December 2018

This Korean drama is set in Spain and various other countries, unlike most other titles that are generally set in South Korea. Drama referred to here is Memories of the Alhambra.

Tells the story of a company CEO and hostel owner trapped in various events involving augmented reality based on the story of the Alhambra Castle. Memories of the Alhambra combines elements of the play with various other genres, such as fantasy, suspense, and sci-fi. With the combination of these genres, as well as a creative plot, this series has become one of Netflix’s Korean dramas with high ratings at the moment.

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Multimedia Streaming Server How it Works and Strengths

Maybe you’ve heard of streaming multimedia services. This service is a technology that can send digital video files and audio in real time on your computer network.

Streaming itself is a technology that is useful for playing video or audio files directly or primary recorders from server machines. In this matter is a web server.

This is equivalent to video or audio files contained on the server. Can be directly executed in periods after a request from the user. Thus, the process of running software that is downloaded in the form of extended periods can be avoided without the need to do the storage process first.

When the video or audio is in the stream, it forms buffering on the client computer. And even the audio video data will be downloaded into the buffer that has been formed on the client machine. Only with a split second period, the buffer is loaded and automatically the system can run the video audio files.

The system can read information from the buffer and still work on the download process so that the streaming process can take place.

Understanding Multimedia Streaming Server

While the definition of the multimedia streaming server itself is a web server or software that has been installed on the server. The following server is used to run audio or video files in real time or stream on the internet.

The working step of this system is that the client delivers streaming audio or video requests to the web server element. Next, the web server will forward the client request on the streaming server.

The streaming server then processes client requests and transmits video or video files that have been requested to clients directly without passing the web server again. That way, the client can run video or audio files that have been asked.

There are a variety of websites that provide audio or video streaming services with streaming servers to run their services like sites that use streaming servers, including Youtube, Megavideo, and Metacafe.

Benefits of Using Streaming Server

When you use a multimedia streaming server, users who are watching videos can jump to specific times in the video. Without having to wait for buffering videos thoroughly. There will be no data saved in the user’s computer, so the security of the user files will be more secure.

This streaming will require less bandwidth compared to downloading. Usually, this matter is caused by the user not having to download the video as a whole. The process of streaming to not a few clients can also be done through a one-way streaming path.

There are many kinds, for example, streaming server software, not just DSS. But there are also Darwin Streaming Servers (DSS), VideoLAN Clients (VLC), Adobe Flash Streaming ServerIcecast, SHOUTcast, PlayOn, and so on. With so many of these streaming server applications, you can choose which one suits your needs.

For those of you who want to install this streaming server, you can download multimedia streaming server software now too.

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5 This Food Documentary on Netflix Must Be Watched

The nice weekend you are watching cool movies. For food lovers, on Netflix, there is a documentary that is worth watching — ranging from BBQ to sushi!

Food lovers try not to miss this documentary on Netflix. The story is exciting like eating habits in many countries to the twists and turns of the Western food industry.


Launched in 2017, Barbecue carries the story of the tradition of the habit of roasting and bloating meat in 12 countries. Ranging from Texas-style BBQs to familiar ones in South Africa. Uniquely, Barbecue is not only concentrating on talking about cooking tips but also emphasizes contradictory things in each country. This film by director Matthew Salleh won the James Beard Award.

The Birth of Sake

Making sake is a 2,000-year-old tradition in Japan. Unfortunately now not a few Japanese people are creating purpose because mixing these drinks requires learning at least 6 months to process rice into alcohol. The Birth of Sake tells of making sake at Yoshiwa Brewery for the Tedorigawa brand. The audience is said to see silent scenes, but spoil the eyes from the process of creating sake.

For Grace

Film For Grace is a story about chef Curtis Duffy who created his dream restaurant, Grace in Chicago. Food is indeed a crucial part of the film, but only the story of chef Duffy’s problems creating this documentary made by Kevin Pang must be watched. The film also invited the audience to watch behind the kitchen door belonging to this famous American celebrity chef.

In Defense of Food

Journalist Michael Pollan wrote the book In Defense of Food which was finally brought to the big screen. Michael explores the answers to what questions are needed to eat healthfully today indeed. Michael shows how the food industry in the West is working on many affairs that provoke consumer health. At the same time creating different perceptions passes as much as the agenda in the media. In addition to discussing food nutrition, In Defense of Food also explains what stages need to be followed.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

What’s famous on Netflix is ​​the Jiro Dreams of Sushi movie. This film tells a Japanese sushi master, Jiro Ono. He is the owner of the Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant which gets 3 Michelin stars. The audience will be presented with the story of Jiro’s sacrifice to reach his success.

Those are the 5 food documentary arrangements at Netflix that you have to watch. Next time, you aspire to create these foods, which you can serve for your family, friends, coworkers and even your lover. What do you say about your opinion?

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7 Reality Shows Themed Adventure That Makes You Want To Get Holiday Immediately

All people indeed have ventured into a place to eliminate boredom. But periods of routine sometimes create adventure schedules not as often as before. If you are like this, watching a reality show program is something that can be an option to treat your longing for adventure.

The following is an adventure reality show program that you can watch during your free time:

1. Survivor

Survivor is a legitimate American reality show program produced in 2000. The program shows the competition of all Survivor contestants in a remote place where they have to dig their food, water, fire, and shelter.

The contestants competed in this obstacle, and the weak will be eliminated so that only one contestant can win and find the title ‘Sole Survivor’ and be awarded the top prize of $ 1,000,000 or the equivalent of IDR 13 billion.

This Survivor just finished the 34th Season with the Game Changer theme which was aired March 8, 2017, and ended on May 24, 2017. Later this series will be modernized in the 35th Season with the theme ‘Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers’ will be premiered on the upcoming September 27, 2017, on CBS TV.

2. Law of the Jungle

Law of the Jungle is a South Korean reality show program. The program brings exploration of a group of artists to many remote and primitive corners to survive and get empirically socialized with residents of the local tribe. The island was chosen as a place of shooting varied, both domestically and abroad, such as Komodo Island in Indonesia to New Zealand.

This reality show program has been around since 2001 on SBS TV and is still airing to this day. Even a reality show program that is quite popular in South Korea.

3. Man vs Wild

Man vs Wild is a serial survival program given by Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel. This reality show was once broadcast on November 10, 2006, which aired an episode titled “The Rockies.”

This program will challenge the presenter to survive in nature. This program often requires 7-10 days of shooting. The time will be longer if the presenter does not go after help during survival.

Aside from surviving in a remote location unknown to the presenter, Kru once created a confused state presenter in the middle of the city on the Gdynia Shipyard episode. Currently, Bear Grylls as a presenter since 2006 has completed the contract, and there is no information on when this reality show will be back on the air.

4. 1 Night 2 Days

1 Night 2 Days is a South Korean reality show program that has the concept of a Real wild road variety where all members will be challenged by a crew to explore many destinations in South Korea and aim to submit recommendations for viewers to travel to as many unique places in the country.

The reality show program that aired on KBS2 was quite successful and even became a program that was entirely in demand when on holiday. It can also be juxtaposed with the program The Return of Superman.

5. Survivorman

Survivorman is a television program produced by Canada’s Outdoor Life Network (OLN), which is now accessible internationally on the Discovery Channel and Science Channel. The program has been running 7 seasons since 2o05 and displays the ability to survive and knowledge of surviving alone in nature for around 10 days in the smallest area where there is not much food and water and equipment.

Each selected shooting location has often been planned by a TV crew and has consulted with experts on survival specialists and residents to the extent that this program does not endanger the event supervisor and all the team on duty. This program is fun to be friends when you are free because you can see real adventures just by watching the television screen.

6. Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers is a serial reality show that aired on History since June 17, 2007. This reality show is more focused on the activities of truck drivers on dangerous routes in the world that cross frozen lakes and rivers in remote areas of the North Pole in Canada and Alaska.

This reality show program is indeed unique because it takes the perspective of all truck drivers.

7. Dual Survival

Dual Survival is a United States reality show broadcast on the Discovery Channel. This program shows a group of experts surviving in a predetermined scenario in a very challenging environment in the world.

The filming process often reaches 10 days, and two contestants will often be challenged to survive outdoors without using any equipment. So, they will escape with the abilities they have, both eating, drinking, even digging a bed.

Occasionally watch the reality shows above and nostalgic with various real challenges in these programs.

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TV audience, who they are and what today’s viewers follow

Let’s take stock of the consumption of television in the past year. The data confirm the main trends: the gradual loss of viewers , the aging of the public and the prevalence , among viewers, of those with low education. Since 2010 the prime-time television audience has fallen by -5% , while the population (from four years upwards, like the Auditel panel ) has grown by + 1% , so there is a real drop of less than one percentage point on average every year.

The decline is not as consistent as many suppose, perhaps because they are unhappy with television programming (often the biggest detractors of TV are its main users ). On this front, the prospects are not bad, considering that the competing medium, the web, is often complementary and not an alternative to television itself. The most worrying fact for television is the fact that the younger public decreases with a higher level of education , while the older one and with the lowest educational qualification increase, albeit to a lesser extent. The TV risks being no longer the means of communication for everyone, a prerogative that has made it the strongest medium, but a medium enjoyed especially by the elderlyand less schooled. Let’s see the data. The loss of viewers in the last year has essentially occurred in the 25-54 year target (-5% in 2017 against -3% of the entire television audience).

It is the age group that most interests advertising investors, not surprisingly defined as a commercial target (on which, incidentally, Mediaset constantly beats Rai), as it represents the consumers of the classic mass and brand products. They are the young families, naturally predisposed to the consumption of the goods necessary to “raise the house”. They are at the same time people who see little the classic generalist TV; they can watch it with their children in the early evening (the occasion is good to applaud Rai for having removed the advertisement from RaiYoyo ) and maybe they occupy the sofa late at night to see the most famous series on some pay TV .

If in front of the TV the “rich” consumers diminish, it is obvious that the advertisers “flee” from this means. A “poor” advertisement will remain , the one concerning low-level products. TV in general is likely to enter into a downward spiral: young people flee from television video and television programmers can no longer capture them, at the same time the big advertisers abandon the television screen (reserving only the big events, from Sanremo to the games of football), for which the networks do not remain the only solution, valid for survival, that focus on marginal targets. Inevitably, TV will become increasingly “poor” in content.

TV aging is represented by graphics. Over-55s represent 36% of the population but 51% of the entire television audience. Young people aged 25-34 are 10% of the population but only 5% of the television audience. At the same time, the group of those with primary education represents 19% of the population and 26% of the television audience. The last graph shows that not all televisions are the same. Sky, for example, has a very young audience, while Mediaset seems to represent society better than others. Rai, on the other hand, has an audience composed mainly of the elderly: 65% of the public belongs to the age group above 55 years of age. The probability that a young person (15-24) looks at a Rai program is 3%. A public service that is not used by everyone , which is not the mirror of society, risks losing its nature.

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Public in TV programs: how to overcome the castings and how much is earned?

A quick and easy way to earn some money is to participate in TV shows as an audience ; in this way it will be a bit like watching television from home but at the same time gaining as if you were at work .

The box that keeps everyone glued to the screen, in fact, is not only composed of artists, conductors and technicians but also of the public that attends the programs in the studio ; for some time now there have also been commentators and studio audiences on Rai and Mediaset broadcasts who enjoy themselves and are paid.

Becoming part of the public of a TV program, however, is not entirely obvious as it might appear and there are requirements to be included and the procedures to follow to be selected.

As with any job that respects itself, even in this case there are criteria to respect to participate as a public in a TV program and below we list which:

be of age ;
be educated ;
be patient and willing to undergo any change of clothes or combing.
Then there are some very specific rules to follow during the transmission. Let’s see in detail which are the most important prohibitions and obligations to respect:

do not wear clothing with logos of fashion houses that are recognizable to avoid advertising not required (otherwise they will be covered with colored adhesive tape);
do not chew chewing gum ;
don’t get up even if you’re out of frame;
don’t talk to your neighbor;
do not use a mobile phone ;
follow the suggestions of the prompters.
One thing to watch out for is that the shots can be taken at times other than those they usually air; in fact, not all programs are live.

Therefore it is important to consider that you will work at unusual times of the day and usually for a long time : for this reason it is preferable to reside in Rome or Milan where the recording studios are located.


At this point it will be interesting to understand how much you can earn to laugh, applaud and attend programs of all kinds and above all how to access this “profession”; generally the extras can be paid from 30 to 45 euros gross per episode , while the opinion makers reach a fee ranging between 70 and 80 euros depending on the transmission that hosts them and the type of intervention.

A Rai executive revealed how much the public pay is in the various programs; in particular, he stated that those who participate in the programs on a constant and continuous basis five days a week get to receive sums up to 500-600 euros per month.

There are obviously some TV programs that pay better than others according to an unclear criterion. To be more precise and to give some examples, the manager reveals that the most coveted shows would be ” Next another ” and ” The usual unknown ” with a pay of 90 euros for the registration of three episodes.

To participate in the ” Hell’s Kitchen ” program as a public, the walkers would get a pay between 50 and 80 euros; to attend ” L’Isola dei Famosi ” the pay would amount to around 40-50 euros, reaching 70 euros in the case of ” Uno Mattina in Famiglia “.

Lower payments get the public of ” Italian Stories ” and ” I Fatti Vostri “. There are also programs such as ” Forums ” which would not provide the public with any remuneration and to which the participants would participate as volunteers .

Although the responsibilities are minimal and the tasks to be performed are very simple, there are people who are able to supplement their salary by this expedient.

There are many people who try to watch TV or appear on television, but obviously not everybody makes it; for this reason it will be important to follow some useful tips to participate in the castings and maybe overcome them.

First of all it is good to call the editorial number of the broadcast you are interested in or fill out a form on the website, specifying:

personal data ;
contact details ;
type of role you want to fill;
physical characteristics and any interests;
attachment of one or more photos ;
short curriculum .
To participate in the broadcasts it is then necessary to pass selections : it is a simple interview called casting, during which the appearance and age of the candidate are mainly evaluated. To consider then that the number of people participating in the program varies according to the study.

However, there is not a single role to play within the public but there are different types of engagement that can be agreed: clapper, figurants, stopgaps, speaking public. The task to be carried out will be decided at the casting, depending on the characteristics and attitudes demonstrated by the person.

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Tweets on Twitter Can Help Improve TV Show Ratings

Media rating company Nielsen found that user activities that pass through Twitter on Twitter microblogging can add television ratings. Nielson discovered it after analyzing 221 prime-time television programs.

Nielsen said the surge in the number of tweets containing comments on television shows helped create the event’s rating increased by 29 percent. This research has a more significant effect on certain TV show genres. From the results of the monitoring, 44 percent of Twitter users commented on reality shows, followed by 37 percent of comedy shows. Meanwhile, sports and drama, each have a portion of 28 and 18 percent.

“By using time series analysis, we witness a significant relationship of influence. Statistically, a surge in TV ratings can increase the volume of tweets, and vice versa, a surge in tweets can add tune-ins (people watch TV), “said Paul Donato, head of the Nielsen research office.

Reporting from Bloomberg, this study is the first time for Nielsen in compiling a direct relationship between Twitter activities and TV usage. This has the potential to help the unique social network of dollar coffers from advertisements. Because the TV station or program makers will be in droves asking Twitter so that the program is promoted in the user timeline. Moreover, Twitter is chasing its 2014 revenue target to the US $ 1 billion.

The CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo is indeed expanding his social networking services by targeting users to talk about whatever television programs they watch. So that the marketing units at the TV station and advertisers can simultaneously achieve how much the program rating goes through Twitter users.

Twitter has also partnered with TV program makers, like Walt Disney ESPN, Viacom MTV, Nickelodeon, Time Warner, TNT, TBS, and CNN. The collaboration enables partners to promote event streaming videos on the Twitter timeline page. The Twitter tactic is quite the opposite of that of its closest rival, Facebook. They offered their clients by installing a 15-second-long TV-style video on the Facebook page. From rumors circulating, Facebook TV advertisers must pay up to the US $ 2.5 million per day.

Nielsen also offered TV rating services through its unit, AGB Nielson Media Research. In Indonesia alone, 10 top TV stations use Nielson services to obtain rating data. During this time, the rating of TV shows carried out by Nielson was using a set-top-box device, People Meter. The plot was then distributed to more than 2,000 household speakers of TV owners in a city. The device will then deliver data to the Nielsen server, about what TV shows the correspondent witnessed.

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