7 Reality Shows Themed Adventure That Makes You Want To Get Holiday Immediately

All people indeed have ventured into a place to eliminate boredom. But periods of routine sometimes create adventure schedules not as often as before. If you are like this, watching a reality show program is something that can be an option to treat your longing for adventure.

The following is an adventure reality show program that you can watch during your free time:

1. Survivor

Survivor is a legitimate American reality show program produced in 2000. The program shows the competition of all Survivor contestants in a remote place where they have to dig their food, water, fire, and shelter.

The contestants competed in this obstacle, and the weak will be eliminated so that only one contestant can win and find the title ‘Sole Survivor’ and be awarded the top prize of $ 1,000,000 or the equivalent of IDR 13 billion.

This Survivor just finished the 34th Season with the Game Changer theme which was aired March 8, 2017, and ended on May 24, 2017. Later this series will be modernized in the 35th Season with the theme ‘Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers’ will be premiered on the upcoming September 27, 2017, on CBS TV.

2. Law of the Jungle

Law of the Jungle is a South Korean reality show program. The program brings exploration of a group of artists to many remote and primitive corners to survive and get empirically socialized with residents of the local tribe. The island was chosen as a place of shooting varied, both domestically and abroad, such as Komodo Island in Indonesia to New Zealand.

This reality show program has been around since 2001 on SBS TV and is still airing to this day. Even a reality show program that is quite popular in South Korea.

3. Man vs Wild

Man vs Wild is a serial survival program given by Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel. This reality show was once broadcast on November 10, 2006, which aired an episode titled “The Rockies.”

This program will challenge the presenter to survive in nature. This program often requires 7-10 days of shooting. The time will be longer if the presenter does not go after help during survival.

Aside from surviving in a remote location unknown to the presenter, Kru once created a confused state presenter in the middle of the city on the Gdynia Shipyard episode. Currently, Bear Grylls as a presenter since 2006 has completed the contract, and there is no information on when this reality show will be back on the air.

4. 1 Night 2 Days

1 Night 2 Days is a South Korean reality show program that has the concept of a Real wild road variety where all members will be challenged by a crew to explore many destinations in South Korea and aim to submit recommendations for viewers to travel to as many unique places in the country.

The reality show program that aired on KBS2 was quite successful and even became a program that was entirely in demand when on holiday. It can also be juxtaposed with the program The Return of Superman.

5. Survivorman

Survivorman is a television program produced by Canada’s Outdoor Life Network (OLN), which is now accessible internationally on the Discovery Channel and Science Channel. The program has been running 7 seasons since 2o05 and displays the ability to survive and knowledge of surviving alone in nature for around 10 days in the smallest area where there is not much food and water and equipment.

Each selected shooting location has often been planned by a TV crew and has consulted with experts on survival specialists and residents to the extent that this program does not endanger the event supervisor and all the team on duty. This program is fun to be friends when you are free because you can see real adventures just by watching the television screen.

6. Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers is a serial reality show that aired on History since June 17, 2007. This reality show is more focused on the activities of truck drivers on dangerous routes in the world that cross frozen lakes and rivers in remote areas of the North Pole in Canada and Alaska.

This reality show program is indeed unique because it takes the perspective of all truck drivers.

7. Dual Survival

Dual Survival is a United States reality show broadcast on the Discovery Channel. This program shows a group of experts surviving in a predetermined scenario in a very challenging environment in the world.

The filming process often reaches 10 days, and two contestants will often be challenged to survive outdoors without using any equipment. So, they will escape with the abilities they have, both eating, drinking, even digging a bed.

Occasionally watch the reality shows above and nostalgic with various real challenges in these programs.

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